Kaolinovo 1 PV power plant, 4,9 MWp

This project is an excelent example of a successful project of Alfa Finance Holding's clean energy devision - "Solarpro Holding". The photovoltaic power plant "Kaolinovo 1" is situated near the village Kaolinovo in Bulgaria and has installed capacity of 4,9 MWp. The project is developed entirely by "Solarpro Holding" and is fully operational since 2012. The power plant is equiped with REC solar panels and Eltele invertors.

In 2012 “Kaolinovo 1” was successfully sold to EnergiMidt (Denmark) for a total transaction value of EUR 13.9 mn. "Bulbrokers Consulting", also part of "Alfa Finance Holding", advised the deal and managed to secure long term funding by Nordea bank.

“Solarpro Holding” continues to provide O&M (Operation and Maintenance) services for this project.

Alfa Finance Project